Onsite Wastewater Management LLC

Pump Installation and Loaner Pumps

We can provide our customers with new submersible pump proposals designed to meet the current conditions of your lift station. We will gather all the correct information needed to properly size and select the right pump for that application. We offer a variety of models, including grinder and solid handling pumps from 2 horsepower and up. Various voltage capabilities from 208/230 volt single phase or 208, 230, or 460 volt 3 phase. They range from 1ΒΌ diameter to 4-inch discharge flow either on guide rail systems or direct piped using schedule 80 PVC pipe and fittings. We can also provide proposals for the repairs of your existing pump, for example, motor rewinds, bearings and seals and new impellers. Our large supply of loaner pumps can be installed while one of your pumps are out for repairs or waiting for delivery of your new pump purchase. Our loaner pumps can also be installed in the event of a total lift station failure, either choice has loaner costs options available.