Onsite Wastewater Management LLC

Piping And Valves

We can provide our customers new pipe, valves and fittings proposals for your lift station from pipe sizes 1-¼” through 4”. The material used can be PVC or Ductile Iron Pipe (DIP). Check valves and gate valves offered in either brass or iron ranging in the same pipe sizes. Pipe, valves and fittings are inspected, and our customer will be notified of any deficiencies. Identifying these deficiencies will help to prevent pipeline leaks in or outside the lift station wet well. Pipeline breaks outside of the lift station (force main) will result in uncontrolled wastewater discharges. We work with the local utilities to help locate the underground pipeline and valves so we can respond to our customers in case of a pipeline failure and minimize wastewater discharge. We encourage our customers to also work with their local utility to identify their pipeline and valves so they can have that information documented in their own service records.