Frequently Asked Questions about your sewage system and lift station

  • Why do I need my lift station maintained monthly?

To prevent overflows and emergency situations and assure that your equipment is operating correctly and at maximum efficiency at all times.

  • How can I prevent lift station breakdown?

Don’t flush anything down the toilets other than human waste and toilet paper.

Don’t use the garbage disposal. (This can attract bugs and rodents.)

Never pour cooking grease down any drain. Let grease cool and dispose in the garbage.

  • How often do I need to have my lift station cleaned?

This depends on the size of your wet well and what is flushed down the drains. Cooking grease is the most common cause of lift station failure; however, solids can build up in the bottom of the wet well and need to be pumped out.

  • What is the benefit of maintaining my lift station?

If you don't maintain your lift station you could find that both of your pumps have burned out.  You would then have to hire a pump out truck while costly repairs to your lift station are made.  During regular maintenance a failed pump will be found while the other pump is still running.  This gives the owner time to repair the pump which is not working while the lift station still operates normally.

Contact Onsite Wastewater Management at (561) 601-6516 if you have a specific question or concern about your sewage lift station.